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Grinder Cleaner

  • $55.00

Removes build-up of stale coffee residue and coffee odors. Reduces blockages between burrs and internal chambers. No grinder disassembly is required. cleans grinder burrs and casings to improve grinder performance and extend the life of grinder burrs. Gluten-free, 100% natural grain-based proprietary formula - no binders or chemicals used in processing.  Certified by OMRI listed for organic use. 


    How to Use 

    1. Empty all coffee from the hopper.
    2. Pour one capful of Cafetto ® Grinder Cleaner into the hopper. 
    3. Run grinder to grind all Grinder Cleaner in the hopper.
    4. Empty the grinder dosing chamber and brush out any dust with Pallo Grind Minder.
    5. To season burrs, repeat the above process once with one capful of coffee beans.
    6. The grinder is now ready to use.

    Note: A small amount of dust may develop during grinding and is harmless. Wipe particulates from the hopper, spout, and doser. 

    Grinder Cleaner