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Ascaso Boxing Day Sale 2022

  1. Rhino Stealth Milk Pitchers
  2. Rhino Pitcher Rinser 300mm with Spinjet
  3. Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm With Spinjet
  4. Rhino Professional Milk Pitcher
  5. Rhino Double Spout Shot Glass
  6. Rhino Square Knock Chute
  7. Rhino Tamper ø58mm
  8. Rhino Thumpa Knock Tube Large
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  9. Rhino Cocoa Shaker
  10. Rhino Classic Milk Pitcher
  11. MFC® Blue
  12. MFC® Red
  13. Rhino Dosing Scale
  14. Rhino Latte Pro Milk Jug 20oz
  15. Rhino Analog Thermometer - Long
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  16. Rhino Pitcher Rinser 150mm with Spinjet
  17. Rhino Coffee Grinder and Bench Brush
  18. Rhino 58mm Dosing Ring - Black
  19. Rhino Mini Waste Bin - Black