Ascaso 120V 3-Ways Solenoid

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The 3-Ways solenoid is used to control the group headwater and steam wand dispensing. 

Can be found in all residential models 

Compatible with: 

  • Arc/Basic Versatile stainless steel coffee group 
  • Dream PID coffee group 
  • Dream Zero versatile stainless steel coffee group 
  • Dream solenoid boiler (+10/2009)
  • Arc/Basic solenoid boiler 
  • Dream Mobile filterholder thermoblock group (2012-2017)
  • Steel UNO/UNO PID coffee group (2019+) 
  • Steel DUO versatile Coffee group (+04/2017)
  • Steel DUO / DUO PID steam group (2019+)
  • Steel coffee groups