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Electrical Components

  1. Ascaso Thermostat Safety (I..994)
  2. UniPolar Switch (I..471)
  3. Ascaso On-Off Switch (Power)
  4. Ascaso Two Pole Coffee / Water Switch
  5. Ascaso Dream/Steel Cup Warmer 110V
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  6. Ascaso Dream/Steel Multifunction Display Circuit
  7. Ascaso On-Off Two Pole Water Switch
  8. NTC Temperature Probe MF58 (I.1132)
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  9. Ascaso Temperature Probe
  10. Ascaso Push button
  11. Ascaso 140°C Thermostat
  12. Ascaso 215°C Safety Thermostat
  13. Ascaso PID Stainless Steel Temperature Probe (M4) 2017
  14. Ascaso Dream/Steel Multifunction Display
  15. Ascaso White Pilot Light 100V (UL)
  16. Ascaso 100°C Thermostat (I..374)
  17. Regulable Pressure Switch (I.1617)
  18. Dosing Device Electronic Plate (I.1645)
  19. Ascaso 3 Position Switch (I.2213)
  20. Ascaso 3 Position Bar Switch (I.2417)
  21. Barista T Accessories On/Off Switch (I.2550)
  22. Dosing Panel Electronic Plate (I.3594)
  23. Control PCB Barista T (I.3602)
  24. Barista T Power Control PCB (I.3603)
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