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About Ascaso 

J. Ascaso was born in a small village in the Huesca mountains. He was always a man with an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and moving to the big city was his only opportunity to better himself. He left his village and moved to Barcelona with 3,000 pesetas in his pocket and a mind full of ideas. In the 1950s, espresso was becoming popular in Spain and all over Europe. In Barcelona, in particular, its popularity saw the growth of a thriving coffee-based industry.

In 1950, J. Ascaso started working for a company supplying chrome-plated espresso machine parts. From 1952 to 1962, the founder himself has worked on the Gaggia production line, making parts for the world-renowned coffee machine company. As other coffee machine manufacturers entered the market, the number of installed espresso machines had never been greater, and there was a growing requirement for maintenance and repair services. J. Ascaso decided to manufacture components for all the coffee machines on the market at that time.

In 1962, J. Ascaso started his own business, producing and distributing spare parts for espresso coffee machines. Currently, Ascaso sells its products in over 95 countries with growth continuing, creating new business divisions, such as the manufacture of espresso machines.

JL. Ascaso, the son of the founder, is the new representative for the diversification of Ascaso Factory throughout the recent years of operations. Ascaso has now settled on the manufacture of espresso machines to bring together technical knowledge and espresso culture ever since JL. Ascaso settled into the ruling of the Ascaso business.

The “For Coffee Lovers Philosophy" 

All espresso machines are delicately handcrafted with love by the skilled hands of our craftsman in Barcelona. Ascaso uses reliable constructions when assembling all the coffee machines, while constructing exceptionally high-quality that is 'craft well, very well'. At Ascaso, the quality of our product is assured thanks to our internal quality control system, consisting of over 25 points of an inspection carried out by specialists that are located at our factory in Barcelona. We test every machine we make one by one through extreme life testing at the Ascaso Lab in Barcelona.

About Specialty Beverage Solutions

With a dream of becoming Canada's number one importer and distributor of specialty beverage equipments, Specialty Beverage Solutions (SBS) was created on a beautiful sunny day in August 2006. With only a credit card and a ton of passion, SBS grew to carry more equipment lines, as well distributed several ancillary products. SBS quickly became a national company, selling and servicing clients from coast to coast.

Today, SBS imports, distributes, and services several top line beverage equipment and consumable manufacturers from all around the world. SBS supports independents, multi unit clients, equipment dealers, roasters, and office coffee companies from coast to coast.
Ascaso Canada was born early 2021. With very similar values and goals, Ascaso and SBS were the perfect fit. Ascaso's high quality equipment have been in high demand, and now with a comprehensive, coordinated approach to the Canadian market, we can reach additional distributors and end users. 

Our Mission

To become Canada's number one specialty beverage company through ensuring a positive team culture, fostering personal growth in all team members, establishing long term partnerships, maintaining a constant pipeline of innovative products, and offering best in class service and support. 

We would like to invite you to join the Ascaso Canada community, and SBS is looking forward to serving all the coffee lovers across Canada!