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Espresso Parts

  1. Ascaso Group Head Portafilter Gasket 5mm
  2. Ascaso Complete Steam Valve body (PM.491)
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  3. Ascaso Group Head Portafilter Gasket (I.2281)
  4. Ascaso Filterholder Gasket 8mm (I.1600)
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  5. Ascaso Silicone o-Ring (00060-20)
  6. Ascaso Complete System Support
  7. Ascaso 2 Coffee Filter - 18 Grams
  8. Shower (I..278)
  9. Ascaso Silicone Boiler Gasket (I...50)
  10. Ascaso 60mm Group Head Screen
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  11. Ascaso Ground 2 Cup Filters
  12. Bottomless Stainless Steel Complete Portafilter in Walnut Wood
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  13. Complete Bottomless Stainless Portafilter (PM.557)
  14. Ascaso Brew Valve silicone Seal
  15. Ascaso Group Head Brew Valve Spring (Short)
  16. Ascaso SUPERCREAM Filter 2 Coffee
  17. Ascaso 3 Coffee Filter 21 Gram
  18. Ascaso OR 2x8.5 Silicone (i.2927)
  19. Professional Filter Spring (I.1167)
  20. Ascaso M4 Counter-Sunk Head Screw
  21. Ascaso Silicone Ring
  22. Ascaso Filter Holder Gasket 8mm Silicone (1.5359)
  23. Ascaso Professional Blind Filter (I.1182)
  24. Ascaso Dream Water Tank