Welcome to Ascaso Canada

Ascaso offers a wide range of espresso machines that use high-quality materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. With the implementation of premium materials, Ascaso's espresso machines generate minimal metal migration to the beverage using Stainless Steel. The use of stainless steel offers high mechanical resistance and is the most ideal material to avoid the build-up of limescale deposits. 

Ascaso Espresso Machines are made to be sustainable and energy efficient. We guarantee a saving of 50% energy, compared to a single boiler traditional coffee machine. The energy consumption of Ascaso’s espresso machines is reduced as it has been a prioritized goal for Ascaso for the past decade. As a result, Ascaso has created our technology – T Technology.


Energy Savings = Economic Savings 


Within our espresso machines, the Thermoblock is there to constantly renew clean water for every coffee and maintain the thermal stability for each coffee you make. It maximizes the taste, smell, and quality of every coffee you have. With the implementation of the Thermoblock, it only takes 30 seconds to boil when a traditional steam boiler takes up to 20 minutes to do so. The Thermoblock provides an unlimited steam supply with constant pressure, without damaging the heating element. For every coffee you make, water used will be freshly delivered, avoiding the use of standing and constantly reheating the water while making your coffee.


For the Boiler and Groups, Ascaso offers a 5-year warranty!