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Rhino Barista Cloth Set

  • $22.00

The Barista Cloth Set from Rhino Coffee Gear was developed to assist in cleaning and maintaining coffee machines in a commercial environment.

Using a unique blend of polyamide and polyester, these special heavy duty cloths do a fantastic job of keeping coffee equipment clean and ready for quality coffee production.

Pack include: 

1 x Coffee Cloth (Brown) - Measures 200 mm x 200 mm / 8 inches x 8 inches

2 x Steam Wand Cloths (Blue) - Measures 310 mm x 600 mm / 12 inches x 24 inches

1 x Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth (Black) - Measures 310mm x 310mm /12 inches x 12inches

Coffee Cloth with Belt Clip

This heavy-duty microfiber cloth has been designed to quickly and easily remove coffee waste from group handles and related parts of the machine with ease. Complete with a "belt clip" this generous knee-length cloth makes keeping your machine in A1 condition a breeze. 

Steam Wand Cloth

Having a separate steam wand cloth is important. Best used damp, the steam wand cloth allows for quick and easy removal of milk residue. It has a tremendous capacity and is large enough to be refold a number of times for maximum use. 

Multipurpose Cloth

This multi-purpose cloth is designed to outlast, outperform and do away with your old-style disposable all-purpose cloth and sponge. Ideal for cleaning and polishing coffee machines. 

Care Instructions

Wash separately or with lint-free articles. Do not use fabric softener. Remove clip before washing (where applicable).