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Rhino Thumpa Knock Tube Large

  • $231.00

The tube can be easily dismantled and cut down if a different size is desired.

Each component of the Thumpa is replaceable, ensuring your whole Thumpa will last and last.  Click to see each piece:

"Tube only" dimensions:

  • Outer diameter (mm): 160 (6.3 inches)
  • Wall thickness (mm): 5 (0.02 inch)
  • Length (mm): 725 (28.5 inches)


  • Height: 860mm
  • Width of Collar: 225mm
  • Width at Base: 220mm  
  • Length of Knock Bar: 200mm
  • Length of Rubber Cover: 157mm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Manufactured in Australia

Our Thumpa knockout tube is also available in a bench-friendly 300mm version.